Welcome to MDHRN!

During the peaceful protests in Myanmar after the military coup, healthcare workers in Myanmar have experienced first-hand the unjustified use of lethal force against protesters. We have worked in clinics which provide critical lifesaving treatment for the injured and have been obstructed in every possible way in giving care, threatened, attacked or even murdered for carrying out our humanitarian duties as doctors. We have asked to have our voices heard and our democracy restored, but our demands have all but fallen on deaf ears by the junta wishing to have an iron-grip control over the lives of the citizens.

Founded in April 2021, a few weeks after the coup in Myanmar and following employment of undue force and brutal crackdowns on unarmed protesters by the military junta of Myanmar, Myanmar Doctors for Human Rights Network is a network of like minded healthcare workers and individuals, from all backgrounds, medical and non-medical coming together to give a voice to the suppressed regarding healthcare.

MDHRN is a network focused on speaking out against the human rights abuses and exploitation, and have been extensively documenting the abuses by the Myanmar military regarding the rights to health in this historic turnaround of the country and the deliberate attacks on the healthcare system, personnel and infrastructure to cripple civilian health, recording them for posterity and presenting them to the world for all to see and to learn from history.

MDHRN is all about giving a voice to the voiceless, sharing their stories with the world and making sure they are not forgotten. We are there to make sure they are heard. We have organized online campaigns regarding attacks on healthcare workers in Myanmar, giving first aid training on-ground and online to prevent tragic and unnecessary loss of lives in times of conflict, collecting vital information and statistics from the people and writing statements for all to see.

How many we trained so far?

We have trained Total 1696 persons for Online Basic First-aid training.