COVID-19 related healthcare and teleconsultation

As the third wave of COVID-19 ramped up, the travel restrictions grew, and the public desperately seeking for medical advice from the crippled medical sector from months-long deliberate destruction and attacks by the Myanmar junta, members of the Myanmar Doctors for Human Rights Network participated as healthcare personnels in providing the relevant COVID-19 teleconsultation services to those in need.

The teams were composed of small groups of on-ground medical and non-medical volunteers, doing first-time assessment of the patients in real time and working to provide the immediate treatments as needed, and teams of senior and junior doctors guiding the management plan over teleconsultation, then regular follow-ups of the patients via teleconsultation using secure communication channels.

This program has seen success, but is currently scaled back in operation, and the team put on stand-by as the number of COVID-19 cases nationwide have declined to a more manageable level after the absolute peak, ready to provide help again if need arises.