On-ground healthcare services

Since the beginning of the coup, healthcare professionals partnering with the Myanmar Doctors for Human Right Network have managed to provide health services to remote areas in Myanmar. MDHRN have provided healthcare around Kyaikhto, Mon State and have covered 8 villages and 2 IDP camps, with more planned for the weeks coming if the on-ground situation allows.

The health services program of the network, which started out as a humble program with the donations funded by the members of the network themselves, is now primarily funded by local and international donors. The program includes primary healthcare and dental care, carried out via mobile clinic programs in which doctors, nurses and the rest of the team members travel around the remote regions and provide healthcare to those in need and, the conventional community clinics where patients come to the clinics seeking for help. The teams mainly covered areas with no access to the national electric grid, areas with a high difficulty of acquiring sanitary drinking water.

Though the clinic programs have been scaled back massively recently due to increase in intrusive surveillance, deliberate arrests and attacks on healthcare personnel and facilities intended to cripple the public healthcare, and the lockdowns and travel restrictions following the third wave of COVID-19 in the country, the program managed to cover over 200 patients over a 45 day period when it was running at full capacity.

MDHRN plans to resume the healthcare activities at full capacity as soon as the situation allows.